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Talent idea
Recruiting on the basis of intellectual ability, give full scope to the talents.
Talent is the corporate soul, and this company regards talent as biggest wealth, all the time takes talent as basis of setting-up, competition, and development of this enterprise.
This company provides a broad stage for employees to exert their ability, vast space to display talent, achieves identifying talent, training talent, respecting talent, developing talent.
Lay emphasis on introduction and re-foster of talent, form all-round technology training and business training, and strengthen actual operation ability of employees at all levels in work to achieve being people-oriented, appointing persons on their merits, and making the best use of talents.
We have a young highly-educated employee team, a harmonious diligent working atmosphere, and a team spirit of common development. We believe that Sinoway Carbon Co., Ltd. is a ideal platform for all kinds of talents with both professional competence and political integrity to realize their aspirations.

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