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Company profile

Sinoway Carbon Co., Ltd. (Sinoway), a joint venture between Shenzhen Sinoway Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Dubal Holding LLC, was registered in 2011. Sinoway is mainly engaged in production and sales of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) and with production and sales of Steam as by-product.

Effective 26th October 2018, Sinoway Carbon Co., Ltd officially converted to a Shareholding Company and held its Stock reform conference in Beijing. Sinoway currently owns and operate two plants, one located in Weifang City of Shandong Province and the other plant is in Lianyungang City of Jiangsu Province. Sinoway Carbon (Hong Kong) Company Limited is a subsidiary of Sinoway Carbon Company Limited. 

The Weifang Plant is with a production capacity of 560kt/a of Calcined Coke and 700kt/a of Steam. This plant has been in operation since 2013. The Lianyungang plant is currently under construction. The project is designed in two stages.  Stage one of the projects has a designed production capacity of280kt/a and shall be commissioned during first half of year 2019 while stage two shall have a designed production capacity of 560kt and construction of this phase shall begin Q1 2020 and shall be put in operation by 4th Quarter of year 2021.  

Production capacity of Sinoway shall reach 1.4 Million tons of calcined coke and 1.7 Million tons of steam once these expansions are complete by Q4 2021. Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) is a strategic raw material for aluminum smelters. Over the past few years Sinoway has established itself as reliable exporter of CPC and currently it sells and supply high quality CPC to the major international Aluminum Smelters such as Emirates Global Aluminum, Alcoa, Pacific aluminum and other smelters in the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Africa and India. Sinoway are also quite active in the domestic market and it has, since its inception, established long-term relations with major domestic aluminum companies becoming their reliable source of CPC. Additionally, Sinoway has been able to enhance its economics by generating additional revenue from production and sale of waste heat steam to the neighboring companies in the industrial park achieving the circular economy effect.

Sinoway has continuously strengthened its investment in technological innovation and R&D and has managed to obtain many proprietary patented technologies. It is Sinoway’s firm belief that companies who have technological edge shall prevail and lead the market in future adding value to both Sinoway’s shareholders as well as its customers by utilizing its extensive research and most advanced technology to produce a quality and economic carbon product.

Addr.: Binhai Economic Development Area (BEDA), Weifang, Shandong, China.

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