The First Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps held a ceremony for the donation of the Zhongtan Forest Education Foundation.

Date: 01 Oct,2023 Views: 379

    On September 25th, a donation ceremony for the Sinoway Forest Education Fund was held at the First Division Senior High School of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Sinoway Forest Technology Co., Ltd. will donate 200,000 yuan per year to the school as an education fund, rewarding outstanding students and staff, and providing financial assistance to poor students. The first phase of the donation will last for 5 years, with a total donation of 1 million yuan. Chen Pengli, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, Han Dan, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the school, leaders of the Student Affairs Department, Wang Xinpeng, the General Manager of Sinoway Forest, and representatives of the teachers and students who received the donation attended the event.

     At the beginning of the ceremony, Secretary Chen Pengli and General Manager Wang Xinpeng introduced the situation of the school and the company, and signed the "Sinoway Forest Education Fund" donation agreement on the spot.

    Then, the students who received the first phase of the Sinoway Forest Scholarship were awarded the prize on the spot. General Manager Wang Xinpeng gave an encouraging speech, saying that the purpose of the donation is to encourage the students of the First Senior High School of Alaer City to study hard, be proactive, and lay a solid foundation for their future and continue to strive for their dreams.

    Secretary Chen Pengli expressed sincere gratitude to Sinoway Forest Technology Co., Ltd. for its donation and emphasized that the school will use the funds well, work diligently to run the school, and cultivate more outstanding talents for the society. At the same time, he also encouraged the students to cherish this love and work hard to make their own contributions to the society in the future.

    The representative of the award-winning students made a statement at the ceremony, saying that they will cherish this love and return to the society and the caring enterprise with excellent achievements.